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Best Beer Fridge for Every Man Cave and Budget in 2020

By Chris KochanJanuary 11, 2020December 8th, 2020No Comments

Best Man Cave Beer Fridges

Beer is best cold. This makes the beer fridge the most important appliance you can buy for your man cave.

My search for the best beer fridges actually started a few years ago for my brother’s brewery beer man cave.

My brother is a professional craft beer brewer in Milwaukee. If you know anything about Milwaukee it’s probably something about beer. Miller Coors is here in Milwaukee and Pabst was first started here, let alone all the craft breweries.

Like any beer fanatic, my brother’s entire basement is converted into a mini brewery, beer man cave. He habitually crafts all sorts of new recipes. With brewing beer at this level, he needed to find the best mini fridge for beer bottles and a beer fridge kegerator for kegs.

That’s when we were confronted with just how many beer fridge options were available! Different sizes, categories, and budgets will result in different needs.

We narrowed the list down into the following sections.

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Best by Size

(Mini, Small, Tabletop, etc.)

Best by Category

(kegerator, garage, music, etc.)

Budget Under $150

Budget Under $250

The Best Beer Refrigerator
by Size

Best Small Beer Fridge

Antarctic Star 60 Can Small Beer Fridge with Glass Door

Best for: Small office, shed, game room, etc. [ps2id id=’minifridge’ target=”/]

Best Mini Fridge &
Best Overall Man Cave Refrigerator

hOmeLabs 120 Can Mini Beer Fridge with Glass Door

This is the Best Overall Man Cave Refrigerator that is the best mini fridge for an attic, basement, office, or garage man cave.

hOmeLabs Glass Door Mini Beer Fridge

Holding up to 120 standard size cans if you cram it, or about 60-70 if you fill it with a single layer on each shelf, this beer fridge with glass door has several features and an attractive price.

This is actually our Best Overall Man Cave Refrigerator, too. (a.k.a. the one we went with for cooling can and bottle beer.)


hOmeLabs brought a modern design with reliability to the table with their mini beer fridge. The glass door on the front of the mini fridge allows for clear visibility into the refrigerator. You can easily select your drink as you approach or see if you are running low on beer inventory as you pass by.

The LEDs can be switched on or off with a touch button on the front of the unit. All of the buttons are touch sensor buttons, including an on/off switch not commonly found on mini fridges. You know, just incase this unit will not be used to chill beer… for some very odd reason.

There are touch pad controls for the digital thermostat that allow you to set the temperature down to 34° F. The thermostat also has smart memory for your temperature setting. If you turn off the unit or there is a power outage, this smart beer fridge will go right back to your last set temperature.

The beer fridge glass door does not prevent this fridge from keeping beer cool extremely chilled. The glass door can also be switched to hinge on either side.

The nice part about this beer mini fridge compared to the standard apartment or dorm style mini fridges is that you do not have a freezer taking up space at the top of the unit. Let alone building up ice, making the freezer unusable and requiring you to unplug it – getting water everywhere when it melts. I really hate those mini fridge freezers.


  • Best SellerPlenty of Reviews
  • No Freezer! (I can’t be alone in loving the extra space and less hassle…)
  • Touch Buttons (temp, lights, unit on/off)
  • Digital Thermostat
  • Glass Door for Easy View
  • Reversible Door
  • Extended 3 & 4 Year Manufacture Warranties (optional)


  • Actual Temp: We’ve tested this unit on chilling a full load of cans from room temperature. The temperature at its’ lowest setting will get to about 39° F when completely full.
  • Wasted Space: Depending on how you stack the cans, you could end up wasting space and only be able to fit about 70-80 cans.[ps2id id=’smallfridge’ target=”/]

Best Small Man Cave Beer Fridge

Antarctic Star 60 Can Small Beer Fridge with Glass Door

This is the best small man cave fridge for smaller rooms, like a small office, shed, or game room.

Antarctic Star Glass Door Small Beer Refrigerator

If you are looking for a small beer fridge for a small space, this is it! This fridge has many features making it the perfect little beer fridge for small rooms.


The Antarctic Star is a classy small man cave refrigerator. It is essentially a smaller version of the larger hOmeLabs mini fridge above.

The glass door on the front of the this small refrigerator fridge for clear visibility to the drinks inside. As mentioned with the mini sized fridge, this allows you to easily select your drink as you approach or see if you are running low on beer inventory as you pass by.

The soft-purple LEDs give off a blue hue light. These can be turned on and off from the switch on the control panel. The temperature can be adjusted from 40° F to 61° F – cool enough to chill your beer.

This unit has a dual-pane glass door for further energy efficiency and it also protects the interior from outdoor light, extending beer life to its’ fullest. The door can be flipped to hinge on either side.

Beyond having a stainless & black finish to fit in with most man cave designs, this unit is durably constructed. So, let’s you place the small beer fridge on-top of a table or bar top. Your buddy gets a bit too tipsy and leans on it, sending it sliding off and onto the floor.

You might have a dent or two, but she should still keep the beer cold. That’s the important part, right?


  • Great Price!
  • Adjustable Thermostat
  • Glass Door for Easy View
  • Reversible Door
  • Satisfaction Guarantee


  • Temperature: We would like this small fridge to get down to 33° F. I am sure they put the largest cooling system they could to not sacrifice space. [ps2id id=’endtable’ target=”/]

Best End Table Man Cave Refrigerator

Cooluli 12 Can End Table Refrigerator

This tiny portable beer fridge is one of the most popular man cave refrigerators on the market!

Cooluli Portable Mini Fridge (Popular!)

The Cooluli mini fridge is a tiny fridge that is disrupting a few different industries. From skincare to us lazy guys who want an end table beer fridge so we don’t have to get up every 10 minutes to grab a beer, this is a mini fridge to have around for many reasons.

Here’s why this might be the perfect addition to your man cave.


The Cooluli mini fridge measures just 9.4 inches wide and 13.4 inches tall and weighs 7.9 pounds, allowing it to fit in almost any setup. The foldaway top handle makes this thing ultra-portable too; it’s simple to throw it in your car for a fishing, hunting, or camping trip.

The convenient size doesn’t mean you have to skimp on volume though. The 10-liter capacity can fit up to a 12 pack of standard 12 oz beer cans. The interior also features 2 adjustable/removable shelves and 1 container basket so you can easily customize the space based on your needs.

The mini beer fridge cools down to 35°-40° F below ambient temperature. The neat part about this guy is that it can also be quickly switched to a warm mode that reaches 149° F. Its portable size and included AC and DC power cords allow you to place it anywhere in your man cave, hunting lodge, RV, or wherever else you need convenient access to some ice cold beer.


  • Super Quiet
  • Ultra Portable
  • Energy-Saving ECOmode
  • Adjustable/Removable Shelves
  • Affordable Price
  • Several Color Options
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty


  • The 10L size may be too small for some, but there is a 15L option that has more volume and easier bottle storage.

Best Kegerator Beer Fridge

EdgeStar KC2000 Kegerator

If you are looking for a man cave kegerator without all the work of making your own rig, the EdgeStar KC2000 kegerator is the way to go.

If you are looking for a man cave kegerator without all the work of making your own rig, the EdgeStar KC2000 kegerator is the way to go.


EdgeStar launched this kegerator with a few key features and benefits that have been swaying people away from building a kegerator on their own. Here are a few features that we found to be the reason why you might want to consider this kegerator for a man cave.

First, the EdgeStar KC2000 offers convenience and simplicity. The kegerator comes preassembled and ready to go. All you need to do is get the 5lb CO2 tank filled for about $15, buy a ½ or ¼ barrel keg (or brew your own), plug in the kegerator, let the keg in the kegerator get down to temperature, and you have a man cave with a keg on tap!

The kegerator CO2 tank is mounted on the back of the unit, which opens up the entire fridge capacity to hold up to 1/2 keg and it can maintain a temperature between the low 30°F to Mid 40°F without a problem!

You can get the KC2000 kegerator beer fridge in stainless or black, allowing you to match this guy to the other appliances in the room – but really, what other appliance do you need when you have a kegerator?


  • No Assembly Required
  • Comes with 5lb CO2 Tank
  • Tower is Air Cooled
  • Digital Thermostat
  • Reversible Door
  • 1 Year Parts Warranty


  • Beer Line Diameter: Not needed, but a nice to have. Upgrading the beer line would result in a better pour. 
  • Beer Faucet: The kegerator faucet can get sticky if no beer is poured for a few days. Real men shouldn’t have this problem.[ps2id id=’toolbox’ target=”/]

Best Garage Toolbox Mini Fridge

Whynter Tool Box Beer Refrigerator

The best mini fridge for a garage is this toolbox mini fridge, that even has 2 standard toolbox drawers built in!

Whynter’s Toolbox mini fridge combines top-notch functionality with a rugged tool drawer style. Here’s why it’s the perfect addition to your garage man cave or workshop.


This toolbox mini fridge features simple manual temperature control, ranging from the high 30° F to the mid 60° F. Powerful compressor cooling ensures that both beverages and food stay perfectly cool. The fridge measures 17 inches by 21 inches by 32 inches, allowing it to slide right in wherever you need it.

Sure it functions well, but the real draw is in the toolbox design. The red stainless steel exterior and drawer design make this thing look exactly like your average work shop toolbox. The top two drawers even slide open to store tools or other belongings. The bottom four drawers swing open to reveal a 40 can fridge with a removable shelf.

The fridge section includes a nifty lock and key set to safeguard its contents from potential beer thieves! Four wheel casters make it easy to move and two of these have wheel locks to lock the unit in place. Whether you’re looking for a fridge to blend in with your garage’s design, discreet beer access, or a bit of both – this Whynter toolbox beer fridge is exactly what you need.


  • Real Toolbox Design
  • Wheels for Easy Moving
  • Simple Temperature Control
  • Lock and Key Security
  • 2 Functional Drawers


  • Some customers have been complained about paint quality and wear, while others have mentioned this adds to the garage/workshop rustic design.

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Best Music Beer Refrigerator

Marshall Guitar Amp Mini Fridge

One of the coolest beer mini fridge designs out there, especially for guitar man caves!

The Marshall guitar amp-style mini fridge offers a unique design that’s perfect for the music lover. Let’s get into why this fridge is an equally perfect addition to your man cave or your studio.


This mini fridge looks like a classic Marshall amp. Complete with black fret cloth, white piping, brass finished faceplate, and knobs that crank up to 11, this Marshal amp mini fridge is built with all the genuine parts used to build Marshall’s legendary amps. Stick this next to a real amp in your studio, and your friends might not even know the difference.

The temperature can be adjusted from 34° F to 48° F. This can easily be done with the thermostat placed on the side of the unit to maximize storage and add to the design’s authenticity.

The interior is 3.2 cubic feet and includes 3 transparent, removable trays. There are also convenient door shelves to maximize the storage space. For context of how much this guitar amp mini fridge can hold, it fits up to 35 large cans, 25 wine bottles, and 3 soda bottles – all at the same time. There is plenty of space for the entire band… and then some. A blue LED light makes the interior just as stylish as the exterior.

This beer mini fridge fits in equally well in a music enthusiast’s man cave or musician’s studio. The beautiful and high-quality design pair perfectly with the large storage capacity to give a great unit to store the refreshments you need to keep on jammin’.


  • Made with authentic Marshall amp parts
  • Roomy, 3.2 cu ft storage
  • 45 day return policy
  • 60 day price protection


  • Sadly, it does not actually operate as an amp and you can’t plug in to start shredding. A real amp would still be needed.

[ps2id id=’antarctic’ target=”/]

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