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A hunting dog stand for duck hunting can keep your dog more dry, while also giving your dog better visibility and keeping it from scaring away the flock.

The Best Dog Stand for Duck Hunting

best hunting dog stand for duck hunting A dog stand will give your dog the edge to make sure it has longer endurance, better visibility to ducks, and be ready to lock on.

Not having a hunting dog stand for duck hunting when in or around water either keeps your dog in the water or has you finding spots where you can keep your dog out of the water. This obviously limits either your time in hunting or your locations.

So we set out to find the best duck hunting dog stand.

Below is a summary of the three best hunting dog stand options, then I dive into each option a little bit more.

Best Hunting Dog Stand

Overall Best Dog Stand for Hunting

Momarsh Invisi-lab Hunting Dog Stand with Blind

The Momarsh Invisi-lab hunting dog stand with a blind is the perfect dog stand for duck hunting, goose hunting, hunting other waterfowl, or training your dog.

This hunting dog stand blind is designed by Momarsh to keep your dog safer, dryer, and more comfortable. With the ability to extend the legs from 24″ up to 34″, the stand can withstand water levels of up to 30″. The platformed feet on the legs of the stand are particularly nice for stabilization and mounting on dryer land, while also not allowing it to sink in too deep in soggy areas.

The platform has an anti-slip design, which helps your dog from losing traction when jumping in and out of the stand, even when wet.

It also helps keep your dog hidden from plain sight. Unlike the other two stands on our list, this is a hunting dog stand with a camouflage blind.

The blind has straps that allow you to stuff brush from the surrounding area into the actual blind. This actually works really good for having a shelter above water, but blending in the shelter to look like just a mound of brush to not spook your targets.

This is definitely the higher end option. The Momarsh Invisi-lab dog stand for hunting does provide the greatest flexibility, best performance, and most importantly the best comfort and protection for your dog so you can stay out hunting longer.

Things I Like:

  • Camo Blind with rings for brushing in
  • Up to 30″ water depth
  • Platform feet for stability
  • Ultimate comfort for the dog

Things I Don’t Like:

  • With it having all the options included, the price is higher than the others.

Best Dry Land / Low Water Dog Stand

Momarsh Final Stand for Hunting Dogs

The Momarsh Final dog hunting stand is essentially the previously reviewed stand without the blind, which cuts the cost to about half.

If you are on more of a budget or just want a stand to place inside of your larger blind you already have built, then this would be your best bet.

The Momarsh Final Stand has the 24″ to 34″ leg length ability to place the stand in marshy waters up to 30″ deep. The platformed feet allow for stable positioning on hard ground or in soft swampy water.

The platform of the hunting stand where your dog sits is mesh, so it allows for good water drainage once your dog makes it back to the spot.

Things I Like:

  • Cheaper without the blind
  • Mesh drains very well
  • Dry or wet land use

Things I Don’t Like:

  • Not easily camouflaged like the dog hunting stand with a blind

Best Marsh Hunting Dog Stand

ALPS OutdoorZ Hunting Dog Stand

The ALPS OutdoorZ hunting dog stand has similar features like a mesh platform to drain water and a lightweight design. It does not have a blind, but it does have a few unique features.

The OutdoorZ hunting dog stand is the highest height range of the three tree stands we reviewed. The legs can extend up to 36″, which allows it to be used in 32-34″ water depth.

It also is the only one with spiked legs compared to a platform style foot on the legs. These help dig in and keep the stand in place.

Finally, it is the cheap hunting dog stand for duck hunting or hunting other waterfowl.

Things I Like:

  • Budget option
  • Ability to raise up to the highest height
  • Drains well

Things I Don’t Like:

  • No option with a blind
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