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A good leather quiver to hold arrows for hunting provides a convenient way to carry arrows on your back, hip, or side.

In this article, I go through the best leather back quiver, best leather hip quiver, and best leather side quiver options that I found while searching for a better way to carry more arrows.

Best Leather Quiver for Arrows

black leather quiver for hunting When it comes to bow hunting, a quiver to hold extra arrows could be the difference between shooting a deer or not. A quiver also helps at the range by carrying more arrows and having a place to hold them as you collect them.

A leather quiver is a good choice since leather can last years, decades, and even generations if the quiver is built well.

When I set out to buy a quiver, there are 5 types of leather quivers that I focused on, including the:

  • Best leather hip quiver
  • Best leather bow quiver
  • Best leather back quiver
  • Best tactical leather quiver
  • Best traditional back quiver

Below is a summary of the five best leather quiver options, then I dive into each option a little bit more.

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Best Leather Hip Quiver

Carol Side/Hip Leather Arrow Quiver

The Carol side/hip leather quiver is perfect if you are looking for a side leather quiver to hold arrows.

The quality leather construction will last through the elements for years, and even longer if you wear it for archery at the range.

The quiver is 20″ long with a main arrow compartment that is divided and a side zipper pouch for additional items. There is a metal clip for attaching it to a belt.

Two D-rings on the side of the leather hip quiver allow for attaching pouches, a water bottle, a flashlight, or other items.

Things I Like:

  • Quality material
  • Perfect side leather quiver
  • Dual compartments
  • Side pouch & rings to attach other items
  • Great price

Things I Don’t Like:

  • Pictures make it look a little darker in color than the actual color

Best Leather Bow Quiver

Carol Leather Bow Quiver

If you are looking for a leather quiver to attach to a bow, the Carol leather bow quiver is a great choice.

The Carol bow quiver is made of buffalo leather and is 20 inches in length. The quiver has a capacity for 8 arrows that lock into the bottom oval leather piece. The arrow tips are fed into the top of the leather quiver, where a foam casing with 8 holes protects the arrows and securely holds them in place.

Two brown velcro straps are riveted to the main shaft of the leather bow quiver to secure it to any compound or recurve bow.

Things I Like:

  • Top-notch construction
  • Quality buffalo tanned leather
  • Holds 8 arrows securely and separately
  • Attach to almost any bow

Things I Don’t Like:

  • Price is higher than back or hip leather quivers due to the intricate design, but there is an added convenience of attaching it to your bow.

Best Leather Back Quiver

DOSTYLE Pure Handmade Leather Back Quiver

The Dostyle leather back quiver is a large capacity arrow quiver with the ability to hold 24 – 40 arrows with field tips.

This is a handmade custom leather back quiver made of cow leather. It has a traditional style with a single main compartment and straps to go over the shoulder and around the waist to secure it to your back.

The Dostyle back leather quiver is able to switch to be used for either left or right-handed shooters.

Things I Like:

  • 100% handmade
  • Large capacity
  • Sturdy black leather
  • Can be used as a hip quiver

Things I Don’t Like:

  • Does not secure them, so they can fall out if you drop the bag or lean over too far

Best Tactical Leather Quiver

KRATARC Archery Tactical Leather Quiver

The Kratarc leather quiver is a very sturdy tactical quiver with a decent capacity and the ability to be used as either a back or hip quiver.

This tactical leather quiver is a little over 21″ long and has a large main arrow compartment that is separated to keep different arrows apart. The interior of the leather quiver is suede, where the exterior is smooth poly-coated leather for extra durability.

The quiver has a large exterior pocket, one of the largest of the leather quivers we reviewed.

Things I Like:

  • Sturdy tactical leather construction
  • Hip or back mounting
  • Separated main arrow compartment
  • Best design
  • Great price

Things I Don’t Like:

  • Could use a third strap like other back quicker to secure it in place more and prevent rotation

Best Traditional Leather Back Quiver

Carol Traditional Leather Quiver

The Carol traditional leather quiver is a very traditional arrow quiver that is a little shorter than other leather quivers on this list. It also has a more simple design.

This traditional leather quiver can hold up to 25 arrows. It has a single barrel main compartment made of hardened leather.

It is the perfect simple quiver to use for the range.

Things I Like:

  • Quality materials & construction
  • Classic traditional design
  • Hip or back mount
  • Cheapest price

Things I Don’t Like:

  • No other pockets
  • Small capacity
  • Not be the best option to take into the woods for bow hunting – better for the range.
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