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Inspiring Man Cave Ideas

Here are 100 man cave ideas to inspire even the most non-creative, manliest guy to being acting like a woman with a new diamond ring.

We highly suggest going over many man cave ideas to get your creative juices for designing a man cave flowing. We have put careful attention into finding some of the most common, to the most unique man cave ideas to spur your imagination.

Pro Tip: Some of these man cave ideas may take a diamond ring and potentially a “She Shed” for the wife to make some of these happen. Depending on your wife’s personality and the type of man cave you want to make, you might want to factor these items into your budget…

Man Cave Design Tips

A man cave is a space for us men of the house to fulfill the daily need to retreat, relax, and restore through whatever we desire.

The man cave is a sanctuary of sorts, where we can treat ourselves to our guilty pleasures. Your man cave design should be tailored to your hobbies, interests, and personality. Every man is different and the possibilities when making a man cave are only restricted by creativity.

If I have done my job, the 100 man cave ideas below will inspire you on how you can design a man cave for you. Maybe one of these ideas is exactly what you want. Or, maybe you find several items from a few of these that you would like to compile to make a custom man cave catered to your desires.

Either way, I have placed links to more information below each of the man caves. This will help you with finding more inspiration, furniture, decorations, and more for the specific man cave type featured.

Without further ado, let’s dive into our 100 man cave design ideas.

man cave shed

Image Source

The Shed

Man cave sheds are increasing in popularity. Sheds can cost less than renovating a basement and you can get out of the house! If space is limited inside your house, a man cave in a shed may be a good option.

man cave bar ideas

Image Source

Bar Ideas

The bar is arguably the main attraction in a proper man cave, so you need to make sure your bar is at par with a full stock of alcohol, seating, and other amenities. Many of the man cave ideas in this article feature some bar ideas that you can also pull inspiration from.

small man cave ideas

Image Source

Small Cave

Here is a small man cave idea that is on-top of the garage. Simple, industrial, and… it has a bar. What more could you ask for in a small man cave?

basement man cave

Image Source

Basement Cave

The basement is often times the ideal place for a man’s hangout spot. This picture above is a literal take on a cave for a basement man cave, but there are many ways to take building a man cave in the basement.

garage man cave

Image Source

Ultimate Garage

One thing I want in my garage man cave is an in ground car lift. I would gladly take the Ferrari, too. The Ferrari might take me a few more decades. A car lift is a bit more realistic. Every garage man cave needs a car lift, either for show like this one or functional to work on the car.

rustic man cave

Image Source

Rustic Bar

If you are looking for a calm hideout for entertaining guests, you might want to go the rustic man cave route. Soothing wood, antique inspired lights, and natural colored stone are things you want to make sure your rustic man cave ideas incorporate.

gaming man cave

Image Source

Gaming Zone

Custom built computers, too many monitors, a comfy chair, and a couch to veg out on when a match goes south. What more would you want in a gaming man cave?

man cave office

Image Source

Office Man

An office man cave needs to have that masculine feel when you are trying to stand your ground in a negotiation or pound away on computer work. This man cave office has it all – industrial metal features, calming fish tank, a fireplace for those long winter work nights, and an inspirational picture of the wife above the mantel.

sports man cave

Image Source

Sport Central

This is more like a sports man cave theater! Having multiple TVs to watch the overlapping games, a fully stocked bar, and comfortable chairs set up for watching games all day. See the sports ticker at the top of the wall, too?! Top if off with displaying your memorabilia and you have an ultimate sports man cave.

archery man cave

Image Source

Archery Range

What is an archery man cave without a home archery range? This is obviously ideal if you have an area that you can dedicate 20-40 yards of clear path to shoot so you aren’t sending arrows through the wife’s Christmas decorations. Unless you are sick of them, then by all means…

outdoors man cave

Image Source


As an outdoorsman, you have to have all the gear. I know this because my closet is overflowing. This image inspires me to one day have a closet like this, where everything has a place. All I would need is a TV and I could spend hours servicing my equipment in there!

star wars man cave

Image Source

Star Wars

If you are a Star Wars fan, then you probably just felt the force and your eyes lit up! Even if you are not a big fan of the Star Wars enterprise, this is one well done room that you have to agree is studio or theme park quality.

man cave arcade

Image Source

The Arcade

If you are a die hard fan of classic arcade games, then a basement arcade room might just be what you are after!

pole barn man cave

Image Source

Converted Pole Barn

This is one of the most amazing pole barn ideas I have seen. The use of reclaimed wood on the walls and tin on the ceiling makes it feel rustic and old, but it is clearly new and fresh. So much character! Let alone space for the entire family reunion.

Harley-Davidson man cave

Image Source


This is proof that you don’t need much space to build out a nice garage with some Harley-Davidson home decor, orange and black paint. This guy went above and beyond with the black and orange garage tiles! Just make sure to get the Harley-Davidson bar and shield logo wall decal. It’s a must have for any Harley man cave!

luxury man cave

Image Source

Luxury Club

To me, this one screamed luxury Las Vegas night club. This looks like a great style for those looking for more room, less items, but spending all that extra cash on expensive architecture and furniture.

hunting man cave

Image Source


What is a hunting themed man cave without a bunch of trophy mounts? Yet, I think one of the best parts is the custom glass gun case built in to the room. If I had a collection of antique guns, this looks to me like the best way to show them off – without necessarily being a show off.

baseball man cave

Image Source


If this room does not scream baseball fan, I am not sure what would – aside from my buddy who gets too drunk at the ballpark and is literally a screaming baseball fan. The baseball glove chair is the icing on the cake, while the authentic score board is definitely the cherry on top.

modern man cave

Image Source


This might look like a normal basement, but who do you know that has an entire wall stocked with hundreds of unopened of red wine? If you are a wino, a Wall of Wine is a must have!

man cave bathroom

Image Source


This is honestly a picture perfect bathroom. A sink. A urinal. And a speed limit sign to not only warn you to check your speed if you are stumbling too hot into the bathroom, but also to remind your friends to keep an eye on their speed on the way home. Truly the perfect man cave garage bathroom.

shipping container man cave

Image Source

Shipping Container

The shipping container or storage container conversions have always interested me. They would make perfect little offices or workshops! Let alone storage buildings for all the toys. They really are not expensive considering they will outlast most of us, depending on where you live.

2 car garage man cave

Image Source

2 Car Garage

Doesn’t this look like the perfect hide out when things get rough inside the house? Well this is actually a garage converted into a home by a couple, but to me – this looks like the perfect escape. “Honey. I’ll be in the garage. See you in a week!”

barn man cave

Image Source

Converted Barn

All this place needs is a great stereo system with in-wall speakers and a giant fridge. Call all the buddies and have BYOB party. That’s bring your own beer for those of you who have been out of the party scene for awhile. or boose… Whatever medicine suits your taste buds!

attic man cave

Image Source

Attic Hide Out

The best part about this attic sports room set up is that anywhere you are in this room, you have a perfect angle to the TV. Love it!

batman man cave batcave

Image Source

The Batcave

I would love to watch all of the Batman movies in this batcave! This has to be one of the most expensive theaters on this list, but it could be daylight outside and you wouldn’t have a clue. A true cave for the darkest of knights!

golf man cave golf simulator

Image Source

Golf Home Simulator

I’ll be honest, I shank golf balls like I had a goal to smash car windows passing by on the highway behind me. I honestly would love a golf simulator to practice driving without the embarrassment of going to a golf range. If you are into golf, a man cave golf simulator should be on the priority list. They actually aren’t too expensive these days.

fishing man cave

Image Source


If you grew up fishing like me, you have to appreciate this set up. Pretty much all the supplies at your fingertips to make the jigs you need to get the ultimate catch. The retro fridge right there for your necessities; bait and beer. What more could you need in fishing themed man cave?

man cave cigar lounge

Image Source

Cigar Lounge

You know you are a cigar connoisseur if you have a temperature controlled room housing a closet full of cigars. I imagine Kevin O’leary from Shark Tank having a room like this in his house, stocked with his fine cigars – right next to his extensive wine collection in the cellar.

hockey man cave

Image Source


A hockey locker man cave. If you are a hockey fan, you probably appreciate this, too. I have a feeling my nephew, who is currently two years old and more hockey gear and has been to more hockey games than anyone I know, will have this one day in my brother’s basement. They are already getting a full set of synthetic ice to practice hockey in the basement of the house!

underground man cave

Image Source


This is a literal take on the word “cave” when it comes to build out a man cave. This is a really cool underground cave concept. I would just hope that is a cover on that couch and there is a hidden hot tub under there…

mini man cave

Image Source

Mini Man Cave

This one goes to show you don’t need much to create a little space of your own. A nice work bench, a few stools, a beer sign, and a mini fridge are all the bare essentials. The one benefit is less space to clean, but it can also get cluttered up pretty fast if you do not stay organized.

man cave game room

Image Source

Game Room

This is a really nice table to host up to 8 people for playing cards or really any type of game. Then you have shuffle board over to the right, some TVs in the back for watching the live games, and you could probably fit a nice pool table in there, too!

football man cave

Image Source


This is a pretty unique sitting idea – basement hammocks! Then you have some really cool team logos mounted on the wall around the jerseys. Hockey is on TV, but I think this makes the perfect football room. (There are two football jerseys up there!)

man cave mini bar

Image Source

Mini Bar

This is probably the smallest mini bar, but if you are truly limited on space – this could be the perfect addition to any room of the house. Stake claim to your wall and mount a mini bar!

old town man cave

Image Source

Old Town Road

This might look like a set to western movie, but it is actually a real hangout out in Colorado. They went above and beyond to create real buildings surrounding the living room. I just wonder if they left any room for the horses… (aka the muscle car)

half garage half man cave

Image Source

Half Garage Half Man Cave

I would hope if you invite me to your garage cave that looks like this, we are playing for keeps on the car… you would probably be able to afford to replace it.

gun man cave

Image Source

Gun Cave

The only thing this gun room needs is a gun range that could withstand shooting some of these guns. We might have to take that .50 cal hanging on the left outside…

beer brewing man cave

Image Source

Beer Brewery

This one goes out to my brother, brewer at Milwaukee Brewing Company. This Brew Room would be a sweet addition to the awesome beer he brews.

nerd man cave

Image Source

Nerd Cave

If you are a nerd, bookworm, or board gamer – odds are you have a collection, or a few. You should make space to organize and display your collections!

industrial man cave

Image Source


This industrial vibe reminds me of a bar out in Santa Barbara located in the “Funk Zone.” Dim the lights, put on some chill music, and you have the perfect hangout to relax with good company and a custom cocktail.

firefighter man cave

Image Source


This corner man space is packed with firefighter memorabilia and artifacts. If you look close, you can make out the ladders on the ceiling and the iron water pipe for the foot rests! Even the ironic wood burning stove in the back. It’s all about the details!

man cave workshop

Image Source


This workshop to some might looked packed or cluttered. To us who love cars, motorcycles and anything else that revolves around an engine – this is as close to heaven on earth as we can get!

mobile man cave

Image Source

Mobile Man Cave

Ever wonder why people buy school buses? They are actually a great vehicle to build a man cave in that you can buy cheap – like $4,000. These are often called a “skoolie” and they are becoming popular in the tiny house world.

retro man cave

Image Source

Go Retro

This retro modern room is the perfect place to have some friends over to hangout, play some cards, and maybe convince them to play the slot over there in the corner that you rigged to never hit.

NFL man cave

Image Source

NFL Zone

This NFL football room is decked out! The field on the floor, jerseys, even the deer on the wall way in back there is decorated with gear. That platform right there? It turns to face the back wall where the projector screen is down, and back toward the center of the room. A twist on the normal home theater.

car man cave

Image Source

Car Show

My goal some day is to have a car garage like this where I can hangout and overlook my line of show worthy cars through the crystal clear glass wall into the spotless garage. It’s a nice touch to have the cars match the accent color inside the hangout room.

motorcycle man cave

Image Source

Motocycle Collector

If you are an automotive collector, this idea for your garage or pole barn may be the best thing you have seen yet! What a way to display automotive history like art covering the wall.

steam punk man cave

Image Source

Steam Punk

This one might seem a bit dark, but to those who are steam punk – it is on it’s way to perfection! I agree it could use some more obscure contraptions made of pipes, colored glass, and gages – but it’s a start!

military man cave

Image Source


This room probably houses every known gun ever used in military combat. To those who have served, these are not merely guns hanging on the wall or set up in the middle of the room. It’s history. Each piece has untold stories behind them – why they were made, who made them, where they were used, who used them, what happened with them. This is a true military fanatic’s room.

man cave kitchen

Image Source


Now this is a kitchen for men! Stove? Fridge for food? Who needs this? A drink fridge, 55″ TV, and some glasses. We could use a microwave for popcorn and maybe a pizza oven, though.

tuff shed man cave

Image Source

Tuff Shed

If you are lacking space in the house, a Tuff Shed could be the way to go! You can grab them in varying price ranges from Home Depot. This one has a perfect four person bar, darts, beer on tap, and even a base board heater to keep warm if you are hanging out on a cool night.

tactical man cave

Image Source

Tactical Room

Tactical gear room. Command center. War room. Call it what you want, this room is sweet! I personally love having security cameras that get views of every angle for security and documentation in-case someone does try to do something. Couple that with the arsenal of guns, tactical vests, backpacks, gloves, and other gear lined up ready to go – true inspiration.

classy man cave

Image Source

Classy Bar

This bar looks like it could be from a scene in a James Bond movie. Modern, yet retro with the gold accents. The perfect bar for a classy cocktail party.

superhero man cave

Image Source

Superhero Layer

This dark room has custom built collectable superhero action figure cases that house over one hundred action figures.  The lights in the cabinets go unseen, but shine perfectly to display the collection. This is the perfect room for the hardcore superhero fan.

music man cave

Image Source

Music Producer

For a home studio, this music producing studio is solid! The speakers align perfectly toward the producer sitting at the computer keyboard. You have two huge TVs being used as monitors for engineering, and all the accessories. Even a salt lamp to keep the vibe.

sci fi man cave

Image Source

Sci-Fi Theater

If you are into sci-fi, this room probably looks like the perfect lab for hanging out. Robots, aliens, even a giant eyeball hanging from the ceiling. That’s not even the creepiest part… do you see the random arms coming from behind the couch?

vintage man cave

Image Source

Vintage Man Cave

From the movie Caddy Shack? An Irish Pub theme theater? Let’s call it Vintage. The carpet is something different, but there are some cool features like the vintage pool table light, chairs, and the old pin ball machine. Let alone the classic pool table.

comic book man cave

Image Source

Comic Book

A father and son actually built this over a 3 year period to better organize the comic collection. This almost looks like a comic library room or a really clean comic collector shop. This is a job well done in my opinion. Much different than the many other comic collectors that stack boxes on boxes of comics in a small room…

tiny house man cave

Image Source

Tiny House Bar

Most people these days are building a tiny house to live in – but what about to just have a man cave? It’s almost like building a man cave shed, but a little more structurally solid. Keep it on wheels, or build it on a foundation. A tiny house man cave is flexible, but you can really make these a great path to take if you don’t have space in your house or in your garage.

medieval man cave

Image Source


If you want to go for the medieval theme, this guy’s cave featured above is probably one of the best medieval themed cave’s out there – aside from those people who have untapped money pits to throw at building out castles. This was a guy in Utah who spent $50,000 over 3 years to build this!

jack daniels man cave

Image Source

Jack Daniel's

This one was picked for the 100 man cave ideas for two reasons.

#1 – The use of Jack Daniel’s whiskey barrels incorporated into this kitchen as counter top supports is awesome!

#2 – The indoor grill!

This is a man’s kitchen design for sure!

basketball man cave

Image Source

Basketball Court

Even my fiancee who love’s basketball said “this one is cool!” What a calm, warm half basketball court inside a home with a rock climbing wall in the back?! This is such a cool space, especially if you have family that comes over often. Imagine all the possibilities with a basketball gym in a house.

loft man cave

Image Source

Bright Loft Bar

When you are turning a loft into a man cave, you have to make sure to design it so it is not too dark to where you just fall sleep all the time up there. Keep it bright and designing it like this one – warm and a place you could bring any member of your family – is a good idea.

nascar man cave

Image Source

Nascar Man Cave

This garage might looks like an ultimate Nascar man cave, but that’s because it belongs to Mike “Gunslinger” Skinner – former Nascar driver. It also makes sense as to why his two boys, Jamie and Dustin, both went into Nascar racing, too.

man cave trailer

Image Source

Off-Road Trailer

When it comes to camping, some guys go all out. If you think about it, buying a trailer camper or even converting a regular toy hauler trailer into your sanctuary might be a good way to go, especially if you already have the truck and desire to travel to go with it!

minimalist man cave

Image Source

The Minimalist

This might look like a bigger hangout spot and not too “minimalist” in terms of space, but there really isn’t much distraction in this room. It almost looks like you would see this in a hotel somewhere – clean, crisp, and well designed with a focus on entertainment and hospitality.

man cave library

Image Source

Man's Library

When I saw this library man cave, I was speechless. This is a different way to design a garage, but if you are designing a show room for your sport car or muscle car, you could take a classy route and do something like this guy did. Yet, even if you take the car out of the picture, this is a masculine approach to design a man-library!

geek man cave

Image Source

Geek Room

What makes a geek different than a nerd? A geek is an enthusiast in a particular topic. Nerds have a studious intellect in a particular topic. See the difference? Often times, geeks are collectors of things (i.e. video games, stamps, and art), where as nerds are collectors of knowledge (i.e. books, magazines, and intangible knowledge on a topic). Sometimes you can be both. In this case above, this is a gamer geek man cave – the collector of old computers and video games!

guitar man cave

Image Source

Guitar Room

A music room should be warm enough to create the vibe for creative playing solo, while being able to have people hangout and listen from time to time. A large couch, bean bags, and a nice amplifier set up if you plan to play an instrument that needs to plug in. But, it doesn’t have to have only one purpose. Like the room featured above, incorporate some additional hangout features; a table for cards, TVs to watch music award shows, or an occasional sports game.

motorsports man cave

Image Source


Any type of motorsports room that has a platform that spins to show off motorcycles, cars, trucks, snowmobiles, or any other type of nice ride catches my attention. Of course, the room should have other items on display. The guy’s garage featured above lined his wall with his motorcycle collection. Tool boxes for housing all your tools and gadgets are a must, but maybe even a TV to two to watch the races in the background. Also, deck it out with memorabilia from your favorite drivers and teams!

man cave theater

Image Source


If you are going to allocate the space and put in the effort to build a home theater room, you need to make sure you have theater quality projector, a large screen, good speakers. Those are a must. Add in other features that will help create the movie theater feel, such as dimmable indirect lights and comfortable luxury theater chairs. If you want to go all out, include a mini bar, a snack cabinet, and a popcorn machine!

man cave rv

Image Source

Luxury RV

A luxury RV man cave?! If you have the extra money and want a man cave that you can travel with, or even just park on a property, an RV might be a good option for you. There are several options for luxury RVs to buy, in varying lengths and with a wide variety of features.

redneck man cave

Image Source

Redneck Shed

Here is a different idea for a shed man cave – build off the side and put in a nice grill space. A little redneck? Possibly. But, how nice would it be to have a covered outdoor kitchen area with a built in grill and a mini fridge for drinks?

soccer man cave

Image Source

Soccer Kick'n

Above is a modern take on a soccer man cave, but you could do your man cave in many different ways. The table is cool, and the old phone booth is a nice feature in this one. Make sure you get good jersey displays for signed jerseys. Also, maybe set up an area for you to kick around or juggle a ball!

log cabin man cave

Image Source

Log Cabin

How about the built in safes in this log cabin man cave garage? This is a nice, organized way to set up your garage. The lights are a great idea, too! From a design perspective, the lights in this garage are much nicer than tube lights commonly put into garages.

man cave spa

Image Source

Hangover Spa

The sign says it all! Honestly – how nice would it be to wake up after a long night and hit the sauna to get a good sweat in and detox? They actually don’t take up too much room. This one is built into a larger, walk-in closet sized room. A sauna spa like this could be incorporated into any other man cave design!

marvel man cave

Image Source

Marvel Mania

With being a Marvel maniac, you have too many design ideas you could do. Think about all the different superheros and villains. This Avengers decor is a not-so-subtle add to a modern space. A quality wall decal can really begin to change the room and make the space feel bigger if it looks 3D.

camo man cave

Image Source

Camo Closet

Looking for a camo man cave? This is a literal camo man cave featured above – the ultimate man cave camo closet to be exact. Look at all the space! It’s enough camo for an army in there! Obviously, you could take it the other literal route and deck out an entire room in camouflage. Just don’t forget your ghillie suit to scare everyone else that comes in once in awhile!

pirate man cave

Image Source

Pirate Cave

Imagine a pirate man cave where you decorate the entire room as if you were on a pirate ship. This family took it to the extreme, with sails wrapped on the wood beams above, ropes lining the wall, backlit windows, and custom wood to look like planks on a ship. Down to the barrels, wood flooring, and classic pirate chairs!

patio man cave

Image Source

Patio Bar

When I buy a house in Florida, this is all I want. A piece of land with an outdoor patio man cave with a grill, mini fridge, fire place, and a TV. Oh yeah, some lounge chairs for passing out from being exhausted from relaxing too hard. A man can dream!

barnwood man cave

Image Source

Barnwood Basement

This is a man cave that even your wife could fall in love with… “Oooh, look at that one,” my fiancee said when I showed it to her. Yet, it is a man cave! Look at the whisky barrel sink! How cool is that thing!

irish pub man cave

Image Source

Irish Pub

If you go to bars often, you know how the vibe doesn’t change too much from the hip hop/rap type bars, to the country bars. Loud music, too many people, and sticky floors are all common. The music and decor might change, but that’s about it. Then, you walk into an Irish pub. Everyone is hanging out with a stein or Irish coffee, having a good, relaxing time with friends. That’s a vibe I would want to have in my man cave!

man cave media room

Image Source

Media... Kitchen

I bet you didn’t realize this was a kitchen at first, unless you saw the title first and stared questioningly at the picture. Hopefully I didn’t strain your eyes. If you look closely, you can see the oven is in the back center, sink to the right and fridge to the left. If your family is into watching TV at dinner, or maybe having a board meeting style family meeting, this is the kitchen for you! Obviously, take the ideas from this and use it for your media man cave… it doesn’t need to be a kitchen.

saloon man cave

Image Source

Small Saloon

This saloons style man cave shows one thing – how to use a small corner space in a garage, basement, or other open area to create your own man space. It doesn’t need to be elaborate or expensive. You could learn how to make your own bar, buy old whisky barrels, a few man cave signs, and cool lights and you got a man bar. Oh yeah, don’t forget the mini fridge.

star trek man cave

Image Source

Star Trek Ship

Are you a Trekker? If you are, then this battle ship style theater may be your dream man cave. From the star trek seats to the detail in the lighting, this star trek man cave can impress even the non-Trekkers!

mopar man cave

Image Source

Mopar Man Cave

A simple man cave design, but effective. This Mopar guy put together a room dedicated to his blue Plymouth Barracuda. Rightfully so – it is one sexy car! But this one goes to show, amongst all the other fancy caves we featured, you don’t have to over do it to have an awesome man cave.

fitness man cave

Image Source

Fitness Gym

This is one of the coolest home gyms I have seen. It is actually Bert Sorins’ personal gym, owner of Sorinex exercise equipment. From a man that goes to the gym daily, I envy this guy!

gentleman's man cave

Image Source

Gentlemen's Cave

This might look like a picture from a Hollywood movie scene, but it is a real man cave. I was not able to figure out how the car got parked there, unless it was lifted up from underground on the platform it sits on. This is one luxury gentlemen’s man cave!

aviation man cave

Image Source

Aviation Living

I am perplexed at how they hung this huge propeller in this man cave, but it fits! It was between this and an aviation man cave that had a small plane hanging as if it was a Kamikaze nose diving into the living room. I went the classier route. A mix of industrial with aviation decor is a good way to style a man cave if you are into aerospace!

boxing man cave

Image Source

Boxing Champ

Museum of boxing history or man cave? It could be both with the amount of historic leather hanging everywhere. I would love to work for a day in this room, although I bet I would be too distracted taking in all the history.

NBA man cave

Image Source

NBA Baller

This is one massive couch! I counted conservatively and you could easily fit 12 people on this couch! Anyway, look at all the jersey’s lining the wall! One large TV front and center for the feature event of the night, with two smaller TVs to the side to keep on eye on other games going on, Might not be NBA, but this would be a sweet spot to host a March Madness party!

superman man cave

Image Source

Superman Sky Bar

This room has to have been professionally done. The life size figure of Superman to the right, with the Metropolis neon sign! Did you see the huge chrome metal Superman sign on the wall!

contemporary man cave

Image Source


A more classic, contemporary look – this man cave will even impress the wife! I personally would replace the painting in the back of the kitchen with a TV. The wife may have been a little too involved with this one, but it still looks comfortable and warm. The exposed brick is awesome.

nautical man cave

Image Source


The perfect room to rewatch 30,000 Leagues Under the Sea – or any nautical movie really. Jaws. Deep Blue Sea. Even Pirate’s of the Caribbean would fly in this nautical man cave. The submarine doors are what make the room come together for me.

elegant man cave

Image Source


This reminds me of a room that Al Capone would have hid out in to relax, smoke a cigar, and drank some illegal hooch!

speakeasy man cave

Image Source

Hidden Door Speakeasy

Speaking of Al Capone and hide out, this hidden room speakeasy themed man cave can be an unexpected added touch for guests. Make sure to have a nice card playing table back there!

tree house man cave

Image Source

Tree House

I bet if I would have showed you this picture without context, you would have never guessed it was a tree house. It is! A huge tree house. Ever since watching Tree House Masters on HGTV, I’ve always wanted one of these. This one has 2 floors and every detail flows together. Look at that bay window!

chevy man cave

Image Source

Chevy Garage

Chevy guy? I would love this truck for a daily driver, then that Bel Air up there for Sunday cruising. This is a mechanic man cave garage. A huge car lift, a wall of tools, and nice natural light to work all day!

poker man cave

Image Source

Poker Man Cave

This is the ultimate card playing room. The pool table and poker table match and are nice natural colors, which make this room a bit more elegant. The high ceilings make it feel like you are in a classy resort casino, when really you’re just home playing cards with the boys.

tech man cave

Image Source

High Tech

What would a man cave be without some high tech features! Think projectors, remote controlled blinds, massage chairs, and surround sound. You can even get fancy with some virtual reality games or sports simulators!

Which one did you like the most?

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What is a man cave?

A man cave is a man’s sanctuary, where he can go to relax, explore hobbies, and enjoy some space in a room that is designed, decorated, furnished, and littered with his favorite items. A man cave is a place for a man to escape to get some space and reduce stress.

What should I put in my man cave?

There are many things you should put in a man cave, but a few essentials are below:

  • Beer Fridge
  • Television
  • Projector
  • In-Wall Speakers
  • Beer Signs
  • Shop Vac
  • Sports Decor
  • Hunting Decor
  • Fishing Decor
  • Lights
  • Car Lift
  • Shelves
  • Decorations
  • Furniture
  • Gym Equipment
  • Posters
  • Chairs
  • Desk
  • Urinal
  • Sinks

How much does it cost to build a man cave?

How much it costs to build a man cave depends on the man cave you build. Here are some typical man cave costs:

  • Small Spare Room: $5,000+
  • Outdoor Kitchen: $16,000 – 20,000
  • Shed: $16,000 – 25,000
  • School Bus Conversion: $20,000 – 60,000
  • New Room: $40,000 – 52,000
  • Garage: $25,000 – 100,000
  • Detached Addition: $30,000 – 80,000
  • Van Conversion: $35,000 – 120,000
  • Barn: $40,000 – 80,000
  • Basement: $50,000 – 80,000
  • Tiny House: $60,000 – 80,000

How to save money building a man cave?

Building a man cave can be expensive. A few ways to save money is to phase your man cave build over a few years to better budget the build and take advantage of holiday sales over time for different items. Another way is to do all the labor yourself, or to hire friends who are professionals to help you build your man cave.

For a complete guide on how to save money building a man cave and increase your home value by the largest amount, check out our guide on How to Build a Man Cave to Increase Home Value and Make Money.

What is a woman's man cave called?

A woman’s man cave is a called a she shed. A she shed is a place for women to decorate and hang out to do crafts, gardening, have animals, workout, meditate, and several other activities. A she shed is often very clean, glamorous, and can cost more than a man cave shed, but not as much as other types of man caves.

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