We compiled a list of the best tactical gloves after reviewing 50+ top-rated tactical gloves options.

There are MANY choices of tactical gloves for airsoft, paintball, military or police official use, parkour, calisthenics, hunting, and other needs. We decided to review the best of the best tactical gloves to find which pair of gloves are truly the best for various applications.

Oakley best tactical gloves

Below is a summary list of the top 10 best tactical glove options with full reviews for each under the summary list.

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10 Best Tactical Gloves Summary

Overall Best Tactical Gloves

Best Winter Tactical Gloves

Best Military Tactical Gloves

Best Fingerless Tactical Gloves

Best High Abrasion Tactical Gloves

Best Rubber Top Tactical Gloves

Best Carbon Fiber Knuckle Tactical Gloves

Best Synthetic Leather Tactical Gloves

Best Coyote Tactical Gloves

Best Cold Weather Tactical Gloves

1) Oakley Tactical Gloves

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Every product has its purpose, the Oakley men’s glove is designed for outdoor activities, factory protection, and raw tactical activities like paintball or softball.

This is your all-around tactical glove. The Oakley tactical gloves do not look as aggressive as others you will see on this list. Yet, most people in the military or hunters have preferred to use this glove due to its comfort and performance.

These gloves are pretty simple and focused on performance where it counts. They are made of high-grade leather and durable synthetics that give flexibility and high longevity. There are padded mesh areas and rubber exhaust ports that allow for airflow making them breathable to prevent palm sweat.

The knuckles are protective to absorb high impacts.  Oakley is known for its quality, high-performance outdoor gear. These gloves are highly rated for a variety of outdoor uses, including tactical operations, for good reason.


  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Carbon fiber knuckles for protection
  • High-quality materials and simple design
  • Reinforced stitching


  • Expensive if you compare it to its competitors
  • Not touchscreen compatible

2) OZERO -30 ℉ Waterproof Cold Weather Tactical Gloves

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The OZERO waterproof cold weather tactical gloves are one of the best gloves you could spend a few bucks on for maximum satisfaction for severe cold weather.

These OZERO tactical gloves have became known in the market as being the go-to winter, cold weather tactical gloves due to being able to perform in -30℉ weather.

The outer body is composed of an artificial suede-leather shell with polyester-TR cotton lining. There is a 2mm thick membrane that is both breathable and waterproof to protect your hands in cold weather. They will also remain very secure on your hands due to the knitted cuffs and bands on the wrists for a perfect snug fit.


  • Touchscreen-enabled
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight
  • 100% money-back guarantee


  • Only available in black

3) Glove Station Combat Military Tactical Gloves

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The Glove Station military tactical gloves are built for professional tactical military operations.

The palms and fingertips are made of high-grade leather for grip and protection with an added benefit of being made compatible with touchscreen devices. The gloves are thoroughly double-stitched sewn adding to its longevity under any condition you throw at it.

These tactical gloves have reinforced molded knuckle pads to absorb impacts and maximize protection. The gloves are also very breathable with padded mesh and air vents on the back for efficient airflow.


  • Touchscreen compatible
  • Various sizes and colors to choose from
  • 1,000+ positive reviews
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Not waterproof tactical gloves

4) FREETOO Tactical Fingerless Gloves

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The FREETOO tactical fingerless gloves are the go-to fingerless gloves for tactical purposes requiring palm and knuckle protection with the added benefit of the direct touch feel of your fingers to the object.

Activities that the FREETOO tactical fingerless gloves are perfect for include CrossFit, calisthenics, parkour, and potentially paintball or airsoft.

The fabric and the reinforced seams of these gloves provide reliability and longevity even under consistent hard use. The palm surface is composed of synthetic double-layer leather with antiskid grids for added grip to pair with your natural strength.

They are also slightly added for anti-fatigue benefits, while not padded too much to impair your touch senses.


  • Top-rated fingerless glove
  • Breathable and flexible
  • Lightweight
  • Great price for the value


  • Not an ideal cold-weather tactical glove
  • Limited color choices

5) 5.11 Tactical Gloves (High Abrasion)

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Using high abrasion synthetic suede, 5.11 tactical gloves became known as an all-around option for everything from tactical events to everyday working conditions for mechanics and metal workers.

The idea behind 5.11 tactical gloves was to provide an ultimate high abrasion protection glove without sacrificing usability. They have a simple, yet effective design.

Three fingers on each glove have ring-cut microfiber strips for added grip extra grip. These gloves also have notched index and thumb gussets that increase the glove’s flexibility and create a better fit.


  • Strong, light, and durable
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Easy to wash
  • Unique protective materials


  • Palm surfaces may be slippery for some uses

6) Mechanix Tactical Gloves (Covert M-Pact)

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The Covert M-Pact Mechanix tactical gloves are arguably the best tactical gloves.

These gloves are composed of durable synthetic leather that adds friction to strengthen grip for more precise control.  Mechanix uses thermoplastic rubber as a knuckle guard. This rubber compound helps to protect your skin and bone upon impact, while also preventing objects from cutting and scraping your hands.

The palms of the gloves have the D3O padding system that absorbs impact energy. This significantly decreases vibrations or hard impacts from passing through to your hands.

These have been tested in pretty much any environment you can think of by a company known for creating durable gloves. The Covert M-Pact tactical gloves are perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, military professionals, patrol officers, and everyday working men.


  • Durable synthetic leather
  • Lightweight and flexible comfort
  • Padded palm
  • Good ventilation
  • Trusted brand


  • Not compatible with touchscreens
  • XX-Large size is padded too much

7) FREETOO Military Tactical Gloves

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The FREETOO tactical gloves provide guaranteed maximum protection against cuts, heat, cold, and burns.

High-quality leather is used to make the gloves strong, durable, and resistant to vibration. Due to the leather material, the glove is water-resistant and it is the ideal glove for you if you want to get your hands away from moisture.

The knuckles are overlaid with thermoplastic rubber panels and PVC padding for maximum resistance to impacts. The fingers have strategically placed elastic mesh fabric allowing for ultimate comfort and flexibility, without sacrificing protection.

Finally, the glove is breathable and absorbs sweating well, creating a unique hand drying synergy.


  • Durable construction
  • Water-resistant
  • Flexible and good gripping power
  • 180-day refund warranty


  • Do not support touchscreen use

8) Ironclad Tactical Gloves

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The ergonomically built Ironclad tactical gloves are made of durable synthetic leather and a flexible neoprene shell for maximum snug fit comfort.

The knuckles protect against impact and abrasion, making them perfect for tactical operations. It is breathable and will absorb sweat easily on the terry cloth located at the back of your thumb when wiping your forehead. This also helps with cleaning goggles or glasses.


  • Affordable price
  • Easy to wash and does not shrink
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Adjustable hoop and loop closure


  • Not waterproof

9) Mechanix Tactical Gloves (Coyote M-Pact)

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A trusted brand in the military, survival, and tactical gear industry, Mechanix Wear is a leader in hand protection gloves. The Coyote M-Pact tactical gloves are one of their elite gloves.

These gloves are padded, breathable, flexible, and very lightweight.

The thermoplastic rubber knuckle guard protects your knuckles from impacts and is high-abrasion resistant. These gloves are selected as the Special Forces go-to, mainly for desert and mountainous environment operations due to the color. The color integration of the coyote tan improves its effectiveness with the user’s uniform to conceal the wearer during operation.


  • Quality materials with high durability
  • Stitched with reinforcements
  • Machine washable
  • Trusted for military applications


  • Price is at the higher end, but you get what you pay for.

10) M-Tac Cold Weather Insulated Winter Tactical Gloves

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The cold winter won’t stop you from loving the outdoors with the M-Tac cold weather-insulated winter tactical gloves.

These gloves are made of 100% polyester that helps the palms remain warm in the coldest of colds and it adds to the glove’s lifespan. The exterior of the gloves protects the hand from moisture and dries quickly.

The index finger has an overlay that enables the glove to be touchscreen compatible so you can use your smartphone without having to take off the gloves. The wrist area uses elastic bands that provide a snug fit for additional comfort and keeps these tactical winter gloves securely on your hands.

These gloves are lightweight, warm, and all-around comfortable to wear. 


  • Cheap price, but durable quality 
  • Classic looking design with good functionality
  • Easy to wash
  • Touch screen compatible


  • Not 100% waterproof
  • Touchscreen overlay may not function 100% like a normal finger would

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