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3 Best Ice Fishing Bucket Organizers

The best ice fishing bucket organizer has a place for bait, tackle, ice fishing skimmer, drinks, and compartments for other smaller items.

In this article, we go through the best ice fishing bucket organizer options for your ice fishing bucket to carry gear out onto and around on the ice from hole to hole.

Best Ice Fishing Bucket Organizers

You might not know exactly what gear you need on the ice. Sure, you need bait, a few jigs and lures, and a way to carry your fish off the ice.

What about non-fishing essentials?

best ice fishing bucket organizer

What comes to mind are plyers to help unhook the fish, hand warmers, an extra pair of gloves if your good ones drop into a puddle, or maybe your drink of choice to relax while you are waiting for the fish to bite.

You should be prepared, but many ice fishing buckets don’t come with an ice fishing bucket organizer for gear and tackle, let alone space for all these other items you may want to carry with you. This is where buying an ice fishing bucket organizer comes in handy since a bucket is really the most portable option to take with you ice fishing.

Below is a summary of the three best ice fishing bucket organizers that I have tried or have friends who use them, then I dive into each option a little bit more.

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Best Ice Fishing Bucket Organizers

Overall Best Ice Fishing Bucket Organizer

Best Ice Fishing Bucket Organizer Kit

Best Cheap Ice Fishing Bucket Organizer

Ice Fishing Bucket Organizer Reviews

The overall best ice fishing bucket organizer is the Eskimo 33540 Bucket Caddy.

What makes the Eskimo Bucket Caddy the best ice fishing bucket organizer is the number of storage compartments and items you can carry in one hand with this bucket organizer on an ice fishing bucket. Multiple pockets are located on the organizer, including two rod-holders for ice fishing jigging rods. Two d-rings are located on the side for hanging your ice skimmer and other tools.

The main construction is made from water-resistant 600D polyester, which is the same material tactical gear like tactical military vests and tactical backpacks are made from. 

It is a great option for those who enjoy ice fishing by themselves who don’t have a few guys to help carry gear or those who really don’t want the hassle of pulling out an ice fishing sled just to ice fish for a few hours.

This has been my go-to bucket organizer for several years now (upgraded from the Frabil Pail Pack).


  • Multiple storage pockets
  • Zippered pockets for items needing additional protection
  • D-rings for hanging skimmers & tools
  • Perfect fit for any 5-gallon bucket


  • The zippers are not waterproof, so water can get inside the zipper pockets if accidentally dropped into an area of deeper water

If you want to buy everything in one go, the best ice fishing bucket organizer kit will have all the features that you need. The Wild River Tackle Tek lighted bucket organizer includes a bucket and a leather-lined bucket organizer.

If you are going out in bad lighting conditions, you will be happy to know that the bucket also includes a built-in LED. The light should give you the lighting source you need and it is powered by two AA batteries, which means they are easy to replace. The 5-gallon bucket can also be used as a seat when fishing.

This is my buddy’s favorite ice fishing bucket organizer, as he also enjoys hunting and generally buys leather goods as the material is obviously durable, long-lasting. The brown leather of the Wild River Tackle Tek lighted bucket organizer also makes this one of the best bucket organizers for hunting, too.


  • Bucket and organizer combo
  • Durable leather padding
  • Includes an LED
  • Multiple storage pockets


  • This is a more expensive option

The best cheap ice fishing bucket organizer is the Frabill Ice Fishing Pail Pack.

Although Frabill is a good brand in the ice fishing gear game since 1938, the Frabill Pail Pack ice fishing bucket organizer is one of the cheapest ice fishing bucket organizer options in terms of price, yet still features good storage options.

This ice-fishing bucket organizer is designed to strap around standard 5-gallon or 6-gallon buckets. It has a couple of basic pockets to hold all of your basic ice fishing gear, tackle, and tools.


  • Fits any standard 5-gallon or 6-gallon bucket
  • Several basic storage pockets
  • Easy to set up
  • Affordable option


  • No frills option (no zipper pockets, D-rings, lights, etc.)

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